HIV Screening Clinic Test Kit

The HIV Screening Test Kit is easy to use, rapid self-test. The HIV home test kit accurately detects HIV 1, HIV 2 and Subtype O Antibodies in whole blood.


  1. DRG MEDICAL HIV SCREENING TEST accurately detects HIV 1, HIV 2 and Subtype O Antibodies in whole blood.
  2. Knowing your status means you can keep yourself and your sexual partners healthy.
  3. Early diagnoses gives consumers a better chance of living a long and healthy life getting treatment as soon as possible.
  4. DRG MEDICAL HIV SCREENING TEST is 99.2% Sensitivity and 99.1% Accuracy.
  5. DRG MEDICAL HIV SCREENING TEST, conducts monthly internal clinical audits to ensure accuracy.
  6. In line with the recommendations by the SA Pharmacy Council.
  7. DRG Medical is licensed with the MCC.
  8. Easy to use with instructions and illustrations.
  9. Nurses are encouraged to use 2 full drops of the whole blood as well as 2 full drops of buffer.
  10. Waiting period MINIMUM of 10 minutes.
  11. Increases uptake of couples HIV testing among male partners of pregnant/post-partum women.
  12. Can result in identifying an equivalent or greater proportion of HIV-positive people.
  13. By knowing your status, it encourages partners and friends follow.
  14. Pregnant women are encouraged to get tested ASAP appropriate treatment can reduce the risk of your baby becoming infected.
  15. Without treatment, HIV-Positive women have about one-in-four chance of infecting their baby during pregnancy or birth. Treatment can reduce this figure to about one in twelve.
  16. DRG medical uses, pressure activated clinical safety lancets as well as self-drawing whole blood pipettes.