Flu Home Test Kit

The FLU Home Test Kit can be done at home, the FLU home Test Kit gives the patients scientific evidence that they have the flu.

Instructions for use



  1. DRG MEDICAL FLU HOME KIT TEST accurately detects INFLUENZA A and B viruses.
  2. INFLUENZA A VIRUSES detected are as follows:
  3. H1N1 (Swine Flu)
  4. H3N2 (Virus subtype)
  5. H5N1 (Bird Subtype virus)
  6. H9N2 (Subtype Swine Flu)
  7. H7N8 (Subtype Bird Flu)
  8. H10N4(Subtype Avian Flu)
  9. H7N9 (Subtype Avian Flu)
  10. INFLUENZA B VIRUSES detects B/R 5, B/Russia/69 B/Lee/40 and B/Hong Kong/5/72
  11. The above viruses are updated annually as the Flu Seasons changes.
  12. Early diagnoses gives consumers an opportunity to not take unnecessary antibiotics
  13. DRG MEDICAL FLU TEST KIT CLINIC accurately determines whether patient has a viral infection.
  14. DRG MEDICAL FLU TEST KIT CLINIC conducts monthly internal clinical audits to ensure accuracy.
  15. In line with the recommendations by the SA Pharmacy Council
  16. DRG Medical is licensed with the MCC.
  17. Easy to use with instructions and illustrations
  18. Nurses are encouraged to ensure test is conducted as per instructions.
  19. Waiting period MINIMUM of 15 Minutes.
  20. Ensure consumers are not unnecessarily taking antibiotics if not needed.
  21. DRG Medical uses, sterile swabs, and cassettes to ensure accuracy is obtained.