Blood Type Home Test Kit



  1. Blood type test kit, accurately determines a person’s blood type including the Rhesus factor
  2. Higher accuracy than the standard card system
  3. Easy to use, cassette device
  4. Results within minutes
  5. If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, you should know your Rhesus factor (i.e. whether your blood type is positive or negative). If an expectant mother is RH Negative (-) and the unborn baby is RH positive (+), then it could lead to RH sensitization, should the 2 bloods mix at any point in the pregnancy. This carries major health implications for the mother and the unborn fetus, and can also affect future pregnancies.
  6. The most important reason to know your blood type is to help others by donating blood. The SA National Blood Service is in critical need of blood donations, and often put in a call for specific blood types. The most in demand blood type is O Negative (-) as this blood type is compatible with all blood types.
  7. Did you know that knowing your blood type can help you to determine your susceptibility to certain diseases?
  8. If you, and close relatives, know your blood type, you are less likely to the risk of receiving incompatible blood in emergencies.
  9. Weight Loss – a well know diet by Dr PJ D Amano has linked diet to blood type. Whether or not this has any scientific merit is still up for debate, but still one of the most popular diets worldwide.